even more things

Selection from Cocoon Series, 2015-2018.

The body is the most basic structure of our awareness of the world—its first person character. It is always awareness from a particular point of view, a “here” that no one else shares. The body is everywhere exhibited. Such exhibition, however, is actually a concealment. Its non-disclosable, non-expressible aspect comes from the fact that on a certain basic level, one body cannot be a substitute for another. As such, each body constitutes the sphere of the private that escapes linguistic expression, escapes being known.

People in their self-making are stretched between two poles: living in the tension of the private and the public, the non-communicable and the communicable, the true-for-me and the true-for-all-of-us. To be human is to be at both poles of this intentionality, constantly engaged in the double perspective of public and private; regarding each side from the vantage of the other; grasping each in the claims it imposes on the other, continuously negotiating between the demands of both. As with all things, we see only the visible, but what we see is not the sum total of what is.

Collaborators: Alexandra Jacob, Alexandra Marzella, Amanda Whip, Leslie Diuguid, and Sigrid Lauren